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Expert Consulting, Onsite Assessments and Training, Custom Handbooks, Online Tools, and Much More!

Companies aren't all the same, and neither are their HR needs. 

Complete HR Solutions combines expert, practical advice with leading-edge technology to provide our clients with everything they need to handle the complex challenges of human resources while running a profitable and efficient business. 

We offer a variety of HR service plans for every business size and budget.

Get access to:

  • A professionally managed "HR Hotline" to answer your difficult questions
  • Live trainings for management and employees
  • Flexible onsite services
  • Fully compliant employee handbooks
  • And much, much more!

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Why Outsource HR?

Today about 50 percent of large companies outsource all or part of their human resource needs.
Outsourcing HR services can help you save money, improve compliance, and focus on business strategy.
Outsourcing human resources also gives you access to the highest level of HR expertise and latest technology.